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NEXT MEETING  | APRIL 5, 2023  8:30 AM

CTDEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes

Commissioner Katie Dykes will speak to CEF Members on the status of CTDEEP Initiatives, upcoming points or programs of interest and/or other challenges at CTDEEP.  It is always a good opportunity for productive dialog. 


Presented by: 

CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection


About CEF


Who We Are

The Connecticut Environmental Forum (CEF) is an organization which provides a forum for environmental professionals to share and exchange information and experiences on environmental matters, and to learn about the latest issues regarding environmental regulation. CEF was founded by a small group of environmental professionals seeking a way to acquire accurate regulatory knowledge in a timely fashion. As professionals we need to continually make contacts with others to further our expert knowledge and broaden our understanding of environmental issues.

What We Do

Our core mission is to educate our members on the important environmental issues that affect their community and career. CEF strives to help our members:

√     Keep up with environmental regulations

√     Improve your professional network

​√     Gain continuing environmental education opportunities

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