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About CEF

Who We Are

The Connecticut Environmental Forum (CEF) is an organization which provides a forum for environmental professionals to share and exchange information and experiences on environmental matters, and to learn about the latest issues regarding environmental regulation. CEF was founded by a small group of environmental professionals seeking a way to acquire accurate regulatory knowledge in a timely fashion. As professionals we need to continually make contacts with others to further our expert knowledge and broaden our understanding of environmental issues.

What We Do

Our core mission is to educate our members on the important environmental issues that affect their community and career. CEF strives to help our members:

√     Keep up with environmental regulations

Members of The Forum meet monthly to discuss upcoming changes in laws and regulations and the impacts on our community. Expert presentations and panel discussions allow all members to gather information and stay current with environmental compliance issues.

√     Improve your professional network

CEF provides a unique opportunity for its members to meet and talk with representatives from federal and state government agencies. Our monthly meetings often include these government representatives as presenters providing our members informal opportunity to truly understand how regulations are meant to be interpreted.


√     Gain continuing environmental education opportunities

In addition to the monthly meetings, The Forum conducts seminars on environmental topics. Topics have included RCRA regulations, water, air and soil contamination, and pollution prevention technologies. The Forum is proud to have been selected as the only Connecticut based organization to win an EPA Administrator's Award for a seminar on recycling.

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