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November 2, 2016 Meeting - CTDEEP Wastewater General Permit Update

CTDEEP representatives James Creighton, Don Gonyea and Art Mauger will present upcoming wastewater permit changes, and discuss the status and any issues with them.

In September CTDEEP published notices related to following 4 new or changing wastewater general permits:

  • Comprehensive General Permit for Discharges to Surface Water and Groundwater (which combines Water Treatment Wastewater, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Non-Contact Cooling Water, and Boiler Blowdown)

  • Miscellaneous Discharges to Sewer (modifications)

  • Groundwater Remediation to Surface Water and Sewer (now combined)

  • Pesticide General Permit (renewal with modifications)

Don't miss this great opportunity to get the latest information on the changes in the wastewater general permit landscape and interact directly with the key CTDEEP staff.

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