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e-Manifest: What Connecticut Businesses Should Know - April 2018 Meeting

On June 30, 2018 e-Manifest will launch nationwide. All destination facilities that receive hazardous waste or state-only hazardous waste on a manifest will be required to submit those manifests to EPA either in paper form or electronically with an associated fee charged for each manifest submission. Handlers will be required to register through RCRAInfo for e-Manifest to submit electronically. Come learn about the new e-Manifest requirements and the e-Manifest system.

About the Presenters

Beth Deabay manages the RCRA Waste Management and Underground Storage Tank Section, U.S. EPA Region 1. She has had the pleasure of spending the last 30 years working in various programs and offices throughout the region. Her background is in field investigations, enforcement, regulation development, health and safety, and preparedness planning. She possesses a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, M.S. in Civil Engineering and certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.

Lynn Hanifan has worked within the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) program over the last 30+ years tracking program success through the many databases as well as managing various grants and other program activities. She is currently part of the Information and Budget Management Section of Region 1’s Office of Site Remediation and Restoration and has been the regional lead on tracking RCRA program accomplishments in RCRAInfo since it was launched. She is the RCRAInfo point of contact for the program modules, including the industry applications, to Region 1 staff and the New England States.

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