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December 7, 2016 Meeting - Connecticut’s Environmental Outlook - Where is Policy Headed and What Are

This month's meeting was a panel discussion on Connecticut's Environmental Outlook--Where is policy headed and what are the opportunities for businesses and environmental professionals.

About the Panelists

Representative James Albis

James Albis has just been elected for his fourth term as State Representative in the Connecticut General Assembly for the 99th District – his hometown of East Haven.

In 2015, James was appointed co-Chairman of the Environment Committee. As co-Chairman of the Environment Committee, James has passed important environmental legislation to protect open space and our state parks, improve water quality in Long Island Sound, and reduce the use of harmful pesticides throughout Connecticut.

Eric Brown, CBIA

Eric Brown is associate counsel at CBIA, Connecticut’s largest business organization, representing more than 10,000 companies. His primary responsibilities involve developing policy positions on energy and environmental and land use issues for CBIA and advocating those positions before regulatory agencies and the state legislature.

Brown also directs E2: CBIA Energy & Environment Council, a group of approximately 200 Connecticut companies that assist CBIA in developing and advocating public policy positions on environmental and energy issues and keeping members up-to-date with government activities in these areas.

CEF Board of Directors with Albis and Brown

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